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The Malibu Legacy Park Project is a multi-benefit project for the environment and the region.
The project responds to three critical needs:

  1. Bacteria reduction by stormwater treatment.
  2. Restoration and development of riparian habitats.
  3. Tthe development of an open space area for passive recreation and environmental education.

To be constructed in the heart of Malibu in the Civic Center area, directly adjacent to significant natural resources, it is a point of interest to various regulatory agencies, environmental groups and citizens because of the unique opportunity to simultaneously improve water quality, restore native riparian habitat and preserve open space.

The Malibu Legacy Park Project seeks to reduce the amount of effluents entering Malibu Creek, Malibu Lagoon and Surfrider Beach. The Malibu City Council commissioned a number of studies that have determined that high-risk areas of the Civic Center may contribute nutrients or bacteria to the groundwater affecting Malibu Creek and Lagoon.

The Malibu Legacy Park Project proposes to construct a wastewater reclamation system that will consist of a state-of-the-art tertiary treatment system that will be designed and operated to meet California Code of Regulations, Title 22 for unrestricted water recycling. Additionally, the dispersal system will have no surface discharge of treated wastewater to Malibu Creek, Malibu Lagoon or the Pacific Ocean. For details, read the project White Paper.

As an outdoor living learning center, the park will showcase five coastal habitats: riparian, seasonal wetland, coastal prairie, coastal bluffs, and an and vernal pool. With permeable walkways and informational kiosks, an outdoor classroom and amphitheater, local culture interpretive area, and numerous other features, the Malibu Legacy Park Project is an experience for children . . . of all ages.

City Manager Jim Thorsen leads the Malibu Legacy Park Project team.
Contact him at 310.456.2489, ext. 226, to arrange interviews or tours.

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