Look! It’s a central park. It’s an oasis.
Itís an environmental cleaning machine.

The Malibu Legacy Park Project, a private/public partnership and multi-benefit clean water project for the region, is the centerpiece of the City of Malibu’s commitment to water quality and the environment.

The City of Malibu envisioned a central park that functioned like an environmental cleaning machine to reduce pollution impacts and improve water quality in Malibu Creek, Malibu Lagoon and the world-famous Surfrider Beach.

Featuring state-of-the-art technology, the cutting-edge environmental park project promises far-reaching civic, environmental AND educational benefits for residents, visitors, and the generations to come.

As an outdoor living learning center, Malibu Legacy Park will showcase five coastal habitats on-site, including Southern California’s only coastal prairie habitat, and water quality projects.

Malibu Legacy Park is at the heart of the only location in California where four other natural coastal habitats – ocean, lagoon, creek, and bluffs – will be linked and accessible.

The Malibu Legacy Park Project exists because of supporters and donors dedicated to fulfilling the dream and leaving a legacy for water quality, environmental protection, and open space.

It’s one smart park for the environment.

Malibu Legacy Park Project.
Fulfill a dream.
Leave a legacy.

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