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Jim Thorsen, City Manager. (310) 456-2489 ext. 226
Thorsen is a Civil Engineer and former Public Works Director who has successfully partnered with private, public and quasi-governmental agencies to oversee design and construction of over $35M in local, county, state and federal grant projects such as park improvements, hazard mitigation, utility work and many others. Thorsen has established the Malibu Legacy Project Team to oversee and directly implement related stormwater and wastewater management projects in the Civic Center.

Bob Brager, Public Works Director/City Engineer. (310) 456-2489 ext. 247
Brager has more than twenty years of experience in the design, construction, and management of public works capital improvement projects including, but not limited to, water and wastewater treatment facilities, water booster pump stations, sewage lift stations, water, sewage and storm water pipelines, and reclaimed water facilities.

Vic Peterson, Environmental and Community Development Director. (310) 456-2489 ext. 251
Peterson has nearly thirty years of experience in the building construction, planning, and oversight of land development projects.  He has worked for the City of Malibu for 15 years and has extensive knowledge on stormwater and wastewater issues.  Peterson currently serves on the California Building Officials Green Committee and he has managed 2 large grant fund projects that promoted clean water and studied ground water levels. 



RMC Water and Environmentis the City’s prime consultant for the project, is an engineering, planning and design firm that specializes in managing complex engineering, regulatory, jurisdictional and stakeholder issues associated with water quality and water resource projects in California. RMC will be leading a team of experts in architecture, wastewater/recycling, stormwater, landscape architecture, environmental science and restoration, and public outreach and facilitation.
Primary Contact: Steve Clary

GeoSyntec (Geotechnical Engineering)
GeoSyntec is known for its innovative work in both stormwater and surface water management,
groundwater modeling, geotechnical, and other systems.
Primary Contact: Ken Susilo

Dr. Richard Ambrose, Director and Professor at UCLA Environmental Science and Engineering Program
(Environmental Consultant)
Dr. Ambrose has extensive knowledge of the Malibu Creek and Lagoon and currently directs research that focuses on the protection and restoration of coastal marine ecosystems.  He has authored several studies within the region including the 1995 enhanced Environmental Monitoring Program and the 2000 Lower malibu Creek and Lagoon Resource Enhancement and Management study.   
Primary Contact: Dr. Rich Ambrose

Royston Hanamoto Alley and Abbey (RHAA) (Landscape Architecture)
Royston Hanamoto Alley & Abey is a landscape architecture firm with a broad practice in the design
and planning of outdoor spaces.
Primary Contact: Barbara Lundburg

Jones and Stokes (Environmental Planner)
Jones & Stokes specializes in preparing CEQA documentation and will be fulfilling this role for the Malibu Legacy Park Project. The firm is also familiar with the Malibu setting having completed the Malibu Lagoon Restoration and Enhancement Plan EIR and numerous services for the Solstice Creek Bridge Replacement Project.
Primary Contact: Bob Stark



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