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In 2006 the City of Malibu constructed a stormwater treatment facility (SWTF) at the corner of Civic Center Way and Cross Creek Road. The SWTF cleans and disinfects rainwater and urban runoff utilizing an ozone treatment process. Stormwater is collected through a series of storm drains and pumps that send it to the SWTF. Flows of up to 1400 gal/minute can be captured and treated.

The innovative design of Legacy Park increases the City’s ability to treat stormwater tenfold and thereby ensure 100% compliance with the Regional Water Quality Control Board’s bacteria regulations. In addition, the SWTF removes trash and sediment and has demonstrated that it greatly reduces ammonia, nitrogen, and phosphorous levels in the water.

Flows from 337 acres are currently collected within 3 major storm drains. The flows from the storm drains will be intercepted and conveyed over to Legacy Park. There is a large box culvert that is located in Civic Center Way (double red line). In addition, there are 2 other storm drains (orange lines) located near the Lagoon and one near Cross Creek shopping center where the stormwater is captured and pumped back into the pond.

Legacy Park has been designed to accept up to 2.6 million gallons of stormwater and urban runoff. On average, the Park captures every single storm runoff event except on average, there could be 3 large rainfall events that could exceed the capacity of the Park pond size and some of the flow would bypass treatment.

Once the stormwater has been collected into the pond, it will be sent over to the City’s existing SWTF. The stormwater will be cleaned and disinfected. During heavy rain events, the clean stormwater will be discharged into Malibu Creek. During smaller rain events, the water will be stored, then treated, and re-used for park irrigation. Utilizing stormwater to irrigate the park lowers operating costs and reduces our demand on valuable potable water. This unique and environmentally preferred solution enables stormwater recycling, eliminates dry weather runoff and reduces wet weather runoff to the creek.

It’s one smart park


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